Alvin Ailey Dance Program
Alvin Ailey Dance Program introduces West African, creative movement and modern dance to students.  Classes are taught by a professional dancer and percussionist from Alvin Ailey’s Arts in Education Program.


Liturgical Life
Catholic values are at the core of education at OLL. All students receive Catholic instruction in the classroom and plan and participate in liturgies. We hold mass twice a month, as well as special masses that we encourage the parents and community to attend. We foster a community that embraces different cultures and religions into one family.


Early Childhood Program
OLL offers an excellent full-day Pre-Kindergarten program for ages three and a half and four, and a Kindergarten program for five year olds. The children in these programs are introduced to literacy, math, social studies and science basics in a friendly environment. Lively age appropriate computer programs engage the young students in the learning process. The Early Childhood Program takes place in cheerful classrooms under the supervision of nurturing teachers.
In the past, OLL was one of the few recipients of an Early Childhood Literacy Grant from the Inner-City Scholarship Fund. These grants helped us to buy a variety of books, puzzles, and games to strengthen our Pre-Kindergarten program. 


Physical Education
We believe Physical Education fosters individual growth in a supportive environment. Athletics teach our children discipline, respect, and awareness of their physical capabilities as individuals and as team members. All students participate in Physical Education twice a week. 


Reading and comprehension are a top priority for all students at OLL.  To supplement the professional development work of the Cooke Center, we participate in Reading A-Z, a program that helps students choose books based on their ability to read both in school and at home.  In addition, all students have library time once a week during which they are either read to or browse the shelves to choose their own books.  OLL’s library is generously funded by many donors including the Laura Bush Foundation, The Library Connections program, and student parents making the OLL library a warm and inviting place.

Italian Pre-K-4th grades and Spanish 5th-8th grades
Basic and introduction to conversational Italian and Spanish are taught including writing and reading.  Students receive instruction once a week.  Classes incorporate media through the use of computers, art, music, and more.

Weekly classes are held for all students in our Media Center equipped with 32 flat screen work-stations with WIFI.  Classes are directed by the technology teacher who expertly integrates media with all aspects of the curriculum.  In addition, iPads are also available for all students in grades 6th through 8th.

Science Lab
Our newly renovated Science Lab offers state-of-the-art resources including but not limited to a SMART Board, microscopes, and more.  Kindergarten through 8th grade attends weekly lab sessions.  OLL hosts an Annual Science Fair and participates in the District Science Fair.  


Art & Music
Through generous donations, OLL is able to offer Creative Classrooms, a visual arts program, for all grades. Our professionally trained art instructor teaches children to experiment and create in a variety of art-making processes and techniques. Students explore self-expression through the visual arts and gain the skills necessary to communicate their ideas in a variety of art mediums. The students go on participate in field trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art.  We also offer Learning to Look that exposes students to art and encourages them to explore their own feelings and narratives in relation to art.  The class uses slides, lecture, and monthly demonstrations to explore art with 2nd-5th grade students.  The students and teachers then visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the original art work that they have studied.  OLL hosts an Annual Art show every Spring.

Music is important to the curriculum at OLL.  During music class students are taught the fundamentals of note-reading, tempo, and singing.  Annually, OLL presents a Christmas Show and a Spring Show.  The OLL Choir has performed at many different events. In past years, they sang at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA