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    • OLL Re-Opening
      The re-opening of school in September has been on all of our minds since before the last school year ended. Like many of you, I have been carefully following CDC and NYS communications regarding the re-opening of school and waiting for the Archdiocesan task force to issue the plan for re-opening... While we continue to face challenges as we begin a new school year, I am confident that we have the right combination of parents, faculty, and staff to make school “work” optimally for our students. 
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    • Catholic Schools Opening: Moving Forward Together
      Since April, the Catholic Schools Re-Opening Council has worked tirelessly to prepare guidance that will ensure the safe return of our students, teachers, and staff to our school buildings. I am grateful for their efforts. Today, I am pleased to share with you the result of their work – Catholic Schools Opening: Moving Forward Together.
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    • How do I feel? - OLL Student Art during COVID19 Quarantine and Resistance
      Students were asked to represent their emotions during quarantine.
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    • Happy Father's Day from Principal Kaszynski
      Happy Father's Day to Our Lady of Lourdes School Fathers, Grandfather, God Fathers, Foster Fathers, and Step Fathers. Your often don't get the accolades deserve and we hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for all that you do for your own families and our OLL families.
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    • OLL Minecraft
      Salutatorian, Bryant Paulino developed a Minecraft OLL Church realm, facilitating the diploma acceptance of each eighth grade student. This addition to the commencement ceremony added a true balance between tradition and embracing the current state of the world. The class of 2020! Music rights not owned, credit to Anthem Lights.
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